Quality spas at quality pricing – Tuff Spas are unique, one-piece spas made to durable in any climate from the baking Arizona sun to the coldest Thunder Bay winters. Cast using an advanced non-slip polymer with an acrylic surface, Tuff Spas do not crack, chip, peel, bubble, or fade, and any scratches can be repaired quickly. So durable, every spa is backed by a manufacturers’ Lifetime Warranty. It’s also lighter than most other portable spas, so you can transport and move it easily.

It’s simple to set up and use with no installation, extra pipes/electrical boxes, or extra equipment needed. Simply fill it up, plug it in, and relaaaaax…

This innovative spa is so light, easy, and durable, it’s also the perfect choice for camp!

Three different models to choose from (images not to scale).

Innovative Desgin and Construction for Low Maintenance Enjoyment

Tuff Spas come with many standard features:

  • Hard tops that hold up to 300lbs, but easily removed by one person
  • Multi-coloured stone finish (optional on some models)
  • Easy side-access panels
  • Moulded steps
  • Solid one-piece bottom
  • No-hassle filtration
  • LED lighting
  • Easy-to-reach topside controls
  • Fully “green” construction using zero-VOC, 100% recyclable materials
  • Low operating costs
  • No blown fibreglass, so no itchy feeling

Come See Our Tuff Spas Models for Yourself

Come down to the Coconut Bay Spas showroom to see some of our available models.