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Proudly a Canadian company, Saunacore is “Obessed with Quality” in every one of its products from traditional saunas and steam baths to the new far-infrared models. Saunacore products are engineered and manufactured to precise specifications from carefully-chosen materials from across North America. The company prides itself so much in its attention to detail that the company president personally inspects the manufacturing process daily.
Headquartered in Toronto since the 1980s, Saunacore is now a global company – in fact it is one of the largest manufacturers of its kind. Saunacore manufactures traditional sauna stoves, steam bath generators, do-it-yourself sauna kits, traditional modular sauna rooms, infrared radiant sauna rooms, infrared components, accessories, and more. You can even create your own custom design so your sauna is truly unique, right down to your choice of building materials. Find out why Saunacore is the right sauna for you! Come down to the Coconut Bay showroom to learn more.

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