Kafko “True Fit” Liners

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Kafko “True Fit” In-ground Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners are perfect for both new and existing swimming pools. Made from crack-resistant, UV-resistant, algae-resistant vinyl, True Fit liners are as functional and low-maintenance as they are beautiful. With dozens of bright, stylish patterns to choose from, it will instantly make your old pool look like new! True Fit liners are precision-cut by computer to fit the exact dimensions of your pool. Coconut Bay takes care of it all, from measuring your pool to final installation.

True-Fit Vinyl Liner Features

  • Custom Designed and Manufactured
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • Made with algae and UV inhibitors
  • Available for new pools, or give your old one a makeover!
Kafko True Fit vinyl liners. Great fitting, great style, great solution! Come down to Coconut Bay today to learn more about these industry-leading liners.

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