Kafko In-Ground Pools

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Kafko offers you the best of both worlds – the freedom of hundreds of design and style choices combined with the simplicity of its engineered wall system. That’s because thanks to computer innovation in design, your pool’s galvanized materials are custom-cut to the precise standards for ease of installation and long life. Of course durability isn’t everything. In-ground pools are a part of your backyard, and you want to choose a design and style that complements its surroundings. Kafko offers over 200 different shapes and dozens of liner choices to help you do just that. Kafko also provides superior deck support for seamless, strong, and safe installations. Finish your pool with Kafko’s exclusive “True Fit” vinyl pool liners, and you have a beautiful pool that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Visit the Coconut Bay showroom to see all the possibilities yourself!

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