Enersol Solar Pool Heating System

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Heat your pool faster and save on your pool-heating costs with the remarkable Enersol Solar Pool Heating System! The Enersol Solar Pool Heating System heats your pool in a simple, yet effective way. Pool water is pumped from your existing pool pump through the Enersol Solar Pool Heater panels. The sun’s rays heat the water in the panels, before heading back to your pool. The continuous cycle actually heats up your pool more with every pass. The system is faster than simply letting the sun heat your pool directly, and cheaper than using conventional pool-heating systems. Enersol’s Solarprene synthetic rubber makes them the longest lasting, most durable and easiest to repair solar panels available. The ‘slip & clip’ modular design allows for custom sizing, promotes roof health, and resists wind lift. It can be mounted easily to your home’s roof, the roof of a nearby outbuilding (like the pool change area), or separately on its own custom-built array. As long as you have southern exposure, you have roof for an Enersol Solar Pool Heating System. It’s easy to install! Enersol is a member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association. Find out more about the solar pool heating system by visiting the Coconut Bay Spas showroom.

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