Enjoy the luxury of your own personal spa in the comfort of your own home. Heal your body, sleep better, melt stress away, and make time with family amazing. You deserve it.
Arctic Spas are specifically designed for the extreme climates of Northern Canada, which means they last longer, cost less to operate, and are easier to maintain. Unique features like FreeHeat™, the Forever Floor™, Total Access™, and the Mylovac™ cover make an Arctic Spa the best hot tub choice, if quality and efficiency are important to you.
Arctic Spas are also the only hot tub with the Spa Boy® automated salt water system.
No more test strips and expensive smelly chemicals. Spa Boy® tests and adjusts the water chemistry for you!

Isn’t that what having a spa is all about?Arctic Spas Hot Tubs for Fun and Relaxation

Arctic Spas is an industry leader in many hot tub innovations including the first heat recovery system, first LED multi-coloured lighting system, and now the world’s first Internet-connected hot tub (see below).

With Arctic Spas, you get:

  • Self-supporting composite hull
  • “FreeHeat” insulation system
  • Total access to all spa components
  • Built-in “Forever Floor” pad
  • Mylovac cover, the longest lasting cover
  • Titanium heater
  • High-flow energy efficient motors
  • A Hot Tub Proudly Made in Canada
  • Our exclusive Spa Boy Automated Salt System

Arctic Spas brings you the world’s first Internet-connected hot tub giving you full control whether you’re in the house, at the grocery store, or half-way ’round the world:

  • Arctic-Spas-Internet-Connected-Hot-Tub-Coconut-BayTurn pumps on and off
  • View status (heating, filtration, etc.)
  • View and adjust temperature
  • Control lighting including setting a colour/pattern cycle
  • Adjust filtration cycle frequency
  • Monitor and adjust water quality
  • Even read the Owner’s Manual!




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