Creating Your Own Little Oasis Starts at Coconut Bay Spas

Planning an in-ground pool can be a major undertaking. That’s why you need the professional help and advice from Coconut Bay Spas.

We’ve installed – and helped maintain – hundreds of pools in Thunder Bay and area. From giving you tips to designing your backyard hideaway and choosing the right pool for you to planning excavation and construction and more, Coconut Bay is that expert advisor you need. After all, you will be spending many an enjoyable hour next to your pool, so you want to ensure you get the details just right.

That’s especially important today, now that you have so many more options available including colour choices, water features, mosaic tiles (right), backing/liner choices, decking, accessories, and more. Coconut Bay Spas features pools from such quality names as Trilogy Pools and Kafko, both of which have their own unique advantages.

We can also help you plan and outfit the area around your pool, and provide ongoing support and pool supplies including:

  • Pumps, Filters & Heaters
  • Solar & Winter Covers
  • Solar Rollers
  • Deck Equipment & Replacement Coping
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Pool Chemicals and Test Reagents

(Find out more about our services here.)

Trilogy Pools – Beautiful, Low-Maintenance In-Ground Pools

Trilogy Pools offer the best combination of styles and choices with durability and low maintenance. Find out more about Trilogy Pools here.


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