Easier on the Environment. Easier on You.

Pool chemicals are a necessary evil – they keep your pool clean and safe from organisms, but they can be irritating to your eyes and skin. Natural Chemistry pool and spa treatments are different. These non-toxic products use naturally occurring enzymes to eliminate toxins and bacteria from your pool. That’s especially important for people with sensitive skin and families with pets.

Natural Chemistry offers a wide range of products including:

  • Pool Perfect – removes scum left behind by sunscreen, etc.
  • Perfect Weekly – removes phosphates while reducing eye irritation
  • Instant Pool Water Conditioner – protects chlorine levels without making the water acidic
  • Algae Break 90 – removes algae without staining
  • Pool First Aid – clears cloudy water
  • Pool Magic Spring and Fall – makes opening and closing your pool easier

By using biodegradable Natural Chemistry products, you’ll feel better knowing that your family stays protected but is less subjected chemical treatments.

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