Take Control of Your Oasis!

Remember when automation revolutionized the home entertainment market, giving you the ability to remotely control your TV, sound system, and even mood lighting? Now you can do the same – and more – with your spa and pool area, automating and remotely controlling all aspects of your own private oasis.

Coconut Bay Spas uses premium Hayward controllers that allow you to automate just about everything. Basic systems include automated control heating and pump operations, while more advanced systems control everything such as cleaning/filtration, pH balancing, in-pool/spa lighting, patio lighting, stereo, water features, fire pit, sprinklers, and more. If it’s connected, you can control it.

Hayward AquaConnect – For Full Control

Hayward AquaConnect is your premium automation and control system that gives you the most flexibility and power. Seamlessly connects through a new or existing automation system via WiFi so that you can operate your pool and spa area functions wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet – whether you’re on the pool deck or out of town.

Monitor your pool and spa settings, adjust parameters, and receive an automatic alert if a problem is detected. Manage pH and sanitization to achieve the perfect water chemistry. Turn up the spa heater before you head home from work, turn lights on and off, activate waterfalls and more, all while conserving energy. Anything you can do from your pool controller, you can now do from anywhere!

Decrease Costs, Increase Comfort – and Peace of Mind

This level of control also enables you to reduce operating costs by keeping chemical use to a minimum, avoiding potential problems before they become major, and keeping heat low until you need it. Plus, you can:

  • Use your mobile device to turn your lights on and off when you’re on vacation
  • Check your second home’s pool when you’re not there
  • You and/or your pool service company can monitor your pool and spa and receive notifications of potential problems 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year
  • Receive email and/or text message alerts when a function goes out of the predetermined, acceptable range
  • Access easy-to-read graphs that display trends so you can evaluate pool performance and make adjustments
  • View and store your pool’s service visit history, so you can plan ahead
  • Connect with other automated systems in your home, as needed

Contact Coconut Bay Spas today or visit our showroom to find out how we can put the power of Hayward Automation in your hands.