Automated Salt System – It’s Sanitizing Made Easy!

Manual testing and sanitizing is a hassle, and harsh chemicals can be irritating. It’s what we do though to keep our hot tubs clean.

But not anymore! Arctic Spas Spa Boy Automated Salt System will keep your hot tub clean all the time without all the chemicals and manual testing. The key to the Spa Boy system is the set of medical-grade sensors that constantly monitor your water. Spa Boy precisely controls the output of your integrated salt water system, ensuring that your hot tub is always clear and safe.

The Spa Boy system uses the Onzen salt water system we’ve used for years and automates the process. Your Spa Boy is fully connected, keeping you in complete control. You can see your water’s current condition via the Spa Boy Control Panel, through the MyArcticSpa website, and even on your phone. Should your hot tub’s pH levels get out of balance, you’ll receive an alert through all three methods so you can attend to it immediately.

How It Works

  • After your Spa Boy system is installed, register it on the website
  • The system starts monitoring your hot tub immediately
  • Arctic Pure Natural Mineral Sea Salt Blend is automatically added to your system to keep water within the specificed Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) range
  • You can monitor your ORP range and pH levels through MyArcticSpa, the control panel, and your smart phone app
  • All you have to do is top up the Arctic Pure Natural Mineral Sea Salt Blend as needed

Spa Boy is cost effective and environmentally friendly, and the salt water system is easier on your skim than chemical-based solutions. It’s the hassle-free way to automatically keep your Arctic Spas hot tub clean all the time!

See how it works:

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