Total Control from the Palm of Your Hand

Arctic Spas OnSpa Advanced Control System is like having your hot tub’s control panel right there on your smartphone! Connect through your WiFi from anywhere in the world to control everything including:

  • Turn the pumps on or off
  • View current status: Heating cycle, Filtration cycle, Economy Mode
  • View and adjust temperature – get it ready for when you get home!
  • Get complete control of your lighting systems including cycle colour and patterns

That’s not all. Do you have advanced features on your Arctic Spas hot tub? You can control those too:

  • Adjust filtration cycle frequency and duration
  • Adjust Peak Ozone system
  • Adjust Onzen Salt Water system output
  • Monitor & adjust water quality via SpaBoy settings

With OnSpa, you have complete control so you can monitor your hot tub while on vacation, adjust filtration and even get it heating up while you’re on your way home from work or on your way out to camp – all from your iOS or Android smartphone! You can even access user manuals and troubleshooting guides right from your phone.

“OnSpa will make the hot tubbing experience easier and more enjoyable.”

Improve Your Energy Savings

Power consumption ratings on hot tubs don’t usually reflect real-time, year-round usage. With OnSpa, you can find out exactly how much energy you’re using daily, weekly, and over the last 30 days. Armed with this information, you can change your usage patterns to maximize your power efficiency. OnSpa also allows you to adjust your heater, pump, and other high-energy settings so they are less likely to come on during peak energy hours (in Thunder Bay, that’s 7am to 11am from November to April, and 11am to 5pm May to October, Monday to Friday).

Arctic Spas OnSpa Advanced Control Systems gives you more convenience, more control, and more savings.

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