Ride Like a paddle board, pack like an air mattress!

Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards (ISUP) are easy to use and easy transport! No more mounting to the roof to take to camp or Boulevard Lake. The kit comes complete with a pump so you can blow it up when you get there, and deflate it when you’re done. Makes for easy packing, transporting, and storing.

Most importantly, they’re fun! Easily maneouver in the open water with the included paddle. Great for hugging the shore or, for the more adventurous, heading out across the lake. The Aqua Marina ISUP can go anywhere a canoe or windsurf can go. With stabilizing fin and a full range of sizes, anyone from beginner to expert, kid to adult can start having fun right away.

Aqua Marina ISUPs are another family-fun activity out on the water. Just grab your board, a paddle, and a lifejacket, and you’re good to go!

Come learn more about the Aqua Marina ISUPs in the Coconut Bay Showroom or call us for more information.