Sampo Sauna Heating Units

Sampo Sauna Heating Units - Cool to the Touch!Fast to Heat but Cool to the Touch

Don’t get “burned” by inferior sauna heaters! Since 1961, Sampo Sauna has built rugged, electric and wood burning models for indoor or outdoor saunas. Sampo Sauna heating units are known for their strong construction, large rock capacity, and child-friendly heat shields that are cool to the touch. Made in Canada, made for Canada!

Sampo Electric Heaters

These high-efficiency heaters are quick to heat up with a quadruple-wall outer shield that prevents burns – completely cool to the touch. Comes standard with flush-mount or surface-mount controls, with optional timer available. Its large rock capacity makes it great for home use or for commercial units in condos, public swimming pools, and health clubs. Covered by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Your best first choice in electric sauna heating!

Sampo Wood-Burning Stoves

Constructed from quarter-inch steel, Sampo Wood-Burning stoves burn cleanly and are flexible enough to be fed from inside the sauna, or outside via a large six-inch neck. Each stove comes standard with a galvanized heat shield, though stainless steel heat shields for a more decorative finish are an available option. Plus, you’re covered from any defects with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Call Coconut Bay Spas to find out about our installation options, or visit our showroom. If you’re looking for either an electric heater or wood-burning stove option for your home or camp sauna, you can’t go wrong with Sampo Sauna heating units.