• Coconut-Bay - Giant Inflatable Fun!

    Giant Inflatables

    Be a kid again! These giant inflatables from Coconut Bay Spas are great for family fun, relaxing on the pool or lake, or chilling with a few friends. Find out more about how you can make a giant splash of your own this summer.

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  • Arctic-Spas at Coconut Bay, Thunder Bay

    Arctic Spas

    Coconut Bay Spas is the exclusive Arctic Spas dealer in Thunder Bay. We’re proud to carry a full line of Arctic Spas and accessories, considered by many to be the name brand in hot tubs! Nobody knows Canada – and the Canadian climate – like Arctic Spas. Built right here in the Great White North, …

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  • Hayward Saltwater Chlorination Systems from Coconut Bay Spas

    Hayward Saltwater Chlorination Systems

    Easily convert your pool to saltwater chlorination with these units from Hayward. Using an electrolysis process, the AquaTrol for above-ground pools and AquaRite for in-ground pools continually and naturally generate chlorine from salt water to keep your pool clean. You’ll use fewer chemicals, saving money in the long run and spending much less time maintaining …

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  • Covana Hot Tub Covers at Coconut Bay Spas of Thunder Bay

    Covana 2-in-1 Spa Cover/Gazebo

    Go from locked down hot tub to private spa in seconds! Sturdy construction is built in Canada to withstand Canadian winters. Fully automated cover opens in 20 seconds when in use and locks down to keep out children and lock in heat when stored. Options include LED light kits and mural screens. Find out more …

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  • Trilogy Pools from Coconut Bay Thunder Bay

    Trilogy In-Ground Pools

    As seen on Extreme Makeover – Home Edition! Trilogy Pools boasts endless possibilities with its lines of in-ground fibreglass swimming pool and spas featuring eye-catching colour choices, durability, and an advanced manufacturing process for a pool that’s custom-crafted for you. Our 14-step, award-winning construction process ensures attention to detail so that you’ll get a pool …

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  • Tuff Spas at Coconut Bay Spas - Great for Home or Camp

    Tuff Spas

    Quality spas at quality pricing – Tuff Spas are unique, one-piece spas made to durable in any climate from the baking Arizona sun to the coldest Thunder Bay winters. Cast using an advanced non-slip polymer with an acrylic surface, Tuff Spas do not crack, chip, peel, bubble, or fade, and any scratches can be repaired …

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  • Arctic All-Weather Pools -- Made for Thunder Bay!

    Arctic Spas All-Weather Pool/Spa

    Swim Spas Built for Our Thunder Bay Climate! Swimming’s not just for summer anymore! Arctic Spa all-weather pools give you the best of both worlds: the roominess of a pool with the warmth and versatility of a hot tub you can use 365 days a year. Best of all, it’s easy to install with no …

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  • Hayward Salt & Swim 3C Chlorination System

    Hayward Salt & Swim 3C Easy Chlorination System

    Unbelievable Convenience, Comfort, and Cost! Tired of lugging around buckets of chlorine? Tired of the red eyes and irritated skin? Hayward Salt & Swim 3C offers a more natural approach to chlorination that is more convenient and costs about half the price traditional chlorination. It is literally a revolutionary new way of chlorinating your in-ground pool …

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  • AquaConnect Automation System from Coconut Bay Spas

    Hayward Automation Systems

    Take Control of Your Oasis! Coconut Bay Spas uses premium Hayward controllers that allow you to automate just about everything. Basic systems include automated control heating and pump operations, while more advanced systems control everything such as cleaning/filtration, pH balancing, in-pool/spa lighting, patio lighting, stereo, water features, fire pit, sprinklers, and more. If it’s connected, …

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  • coyote-spas

    Coyote Hot Tubs

    Coyote brand hot tubs from Arctic Spas are designed to be more for therapeutic purposes: rehabilitation, stress relief, and better overall health. Features: Targeted Therapy Zones: Concentrated jet regions to target major muscle groups Ergonomic Seating: A wide variety of seating moulds to fully support any body type More Jets: Up to 114 jets available …

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  • Kafko In-Ground Pools

    Kafko In-Ground Pools

    Kafko offers you the best of both worlds – the freedom of hundreds of design and style choices combined with the simplicity of its engineered wall system. That’s because thanks to computer innovation in design, your pool’s galvanized materials are custom-cut to the precise standards for ease of installation and long life. Of course durability …

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  • SaunaCore


    Proudly a Canadian company, Saunacore is “Obessed with Quality” in every one of its products from traditional saunas and steam baths to the new far-infrared models. Saunacore products are engineered and manufactured to precise specifications from carefully-chosen materials from across North America. The company prides itself so much in its attention to detail that the …

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  • Canada Billiard at Coconut Bay Spas

    Canada Billiard

    Canada Billiard is the largest manufacturing unit and distributor of billiard tables and accessories in Canada. Founded in 1973, the company has manufactured its own distinct line of tables since 1982. Hand-made and crafted, Canada Billiard solid wood tables are manufactured of oak, maple, mahogany, walnut and cherry and are assembled piece by piece in …

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  • Splash SuperPool

    Splash Above-Ground Pools

    The Splash SuperPool sets the standard for structurally-supported above-ground pools. For more than 30 years, Splash has continued to research and experiment with new designs and materials to withstand extreme conditions around the world, from hurricanes and blazing sun to, yes, surviving over winter. Each SuperPool is manufactured by skilled craftsmen, with materials that are …

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  • Kafko "True Fit" Liners

    Kafko “True Fit” Liners

    Kafko “True Fit” In-ground Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners are perfect for both new and existing swimming pools. Made from crack-resistant, UV-resistant, algae-resistant vinyl, True Fit liners are as functional and low-maintenance as they are beautiful. With dozens of bright, stylish patterns to choose from, it will instantly make your old pool look like new! True …

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  • SplashClear

    SplashCLEAR Water Treatment System

    Tired of adding the chlorine? Obviously, you need to keep your pool free from algae and other potentially harmful organics. But that constant maintenance can be a pain. SplashCLEAR has the answer. SplashCLEAR is an automatic chlorine generation system designed specifically for above-ground pools. The SplashCLEAR automatically sanitizes your pool by converting the salt into …

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  • Goldline Controls by Hayward

    Goldline Controls by Hayward

    Goldline Controls are the Gold Standard for pool controls. Now a division of Hayward, Goldline Controls has a complete line of automation, sanitization, and solar products for your in-ground or above-ground pool. Automating all work-intensive functions, such as sanitization, balancing pH, cleaning and filtration is easy with Goldline Controls. Advanced systems also include ways to …

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  • Enersol Solar Water Heating System

    Enersol Solar Pool Heating System

    Heat your pool faster and save on your pool-heating costs with the remarkable Enersol Solar Pool Heating System! The Enersol Solar Pool Heating System heats your pool in a simple, yet effective way. Pool water is pumped from your existing pool pump through the Enersol Solar Pool Heater panels. The sun’s rays heat the water …

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